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To bring stability into the lives of the women that utilize our services by empowering them to break the many barriers that hinder them from accomplishing their goals and visions. We have devoted our services to the rising number of displaced, homeless, prison exiting, depressed, and recovering women.


Our Services

Transitional Housing


Transitional living refers to any type of living situation that is transitional. The primary purpose or mission of transitional living environments is temporary. Transitional living facilities often offer low cost housing. 

Adult Foster Care


As an AFC home provider, Building Strong Women Inc. is licensed by the State and provides personal care and supervision to persons in need of a residential setting. Such persons, who are unable to live independently but do not require nursing care, include aged, disabled, mentally ill, and developmentally disabled adults. 

Community Advocate


 Community advocacy includes creating programs and services, developing partnerships, and changing public policies, laws, and practices to improve children’s health. … Community advocacy includes creating programs and services, developing collaborations and partnerships, and change.